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Our optics simulation software blog covers everything you need to know about using Optiwave software. We’re constantly updating this space with the latest updates to our software, new launches, and important announcements. From the bleeding edge applications in quantum key distribution to detailed software patch notes, this is your hub for everything photonics.

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Optiwave constantly hosts webinars led by subject experts, covering a range of useful photonic applications and providing critical insight.


Flatten the learning curve with hands-on software training for your engineers, featuring a customized program designed to suit your organizational goals.
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Is there a photonics design software that offers a free trial?

We offer an extensive 30-day free evaluation period for all our software, giving users ample time to get comfortable with the basics. You can use our blogs during your evaluation period to try out exciting new applications and master the fundamentals.

Do I need to be an expert to work with optics?

Optiwave provides users of every skill level with all the tools they need to succeed. Our resources include: this photonics simulation software blog, an extensive knowledge base, webinars that cover in-depth software applications, and detailed software manuals. You can also join the discussion on our community forums and get quick answers to your questions.

How can I learn about new advancements in photonics?

Our experts are constantly updating this page with new photonics software blogs, and you can also stay informed of new advancements with our webinars. Optiwave is always looking to invite industry leaders to share their innovative ideas with newcomers and experts alike.