Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre (Gothenburg, Sweden)
18-20 September 2017

ECOC is one of the premier international conferences in the field, with an exciting and comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge basic and applied research. Each year, ECOC offers unique insights into leading developments in optical communications and unparalleled networking with over 5 000 of your colleagues from all over the world.In September 2017 the 43rd edition of ECOC will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden. This event will showcase state of the art results which bridge the gap between basic science and applications.


Available software demonstrations:

OptiSystem: Optical Communication System Design Suite
OptiSPICE: Opto-Electronic Circuit Design Software
OptiFDTD: Finite-Difference Time-Domain Software
OptiBPM: Waveguide Optics Design Software
OptiFiber: Optical Fiber Design Software
OptiGrating: Integrated and Fiber Optical Gratings Design Software


Technical Scope
• Fibres, Fibre Devices and Fibre Amplifiers
• Integrated Optoelectronic Devices and Optical Processors
• Digital Techniques for Optical Communication Systems
• Transmission Subsystems and Optical Network Elements
• Datacom and Computercom Hardware
• Point-to-Point Transmission Links
• Core, Metro, and Data Centre Networks
• Access, Local Area and Indoor Networks