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      Divyangna Gandhi

      Hello Sir

      I have read one paper and try to implement it in optisystem but i Have one doubt.

      In this paper wavelength range used 1525-1625nm, channel spacing 0.2nm and number of channels 100.How could it possible 100 channels with o.2nm channel spacing in between 1525nm to 1625nm(100nm).

      As per my knowledge it should be 500 channels
      if we use 1525-1625nm wavelength = 100nm/0.2nm spacing =500 channels
      Results also shown with 1525 to 1625nm with 100 channels
      kindly solve it

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Divyangna,
      You are correct in terms of channels calculation.
      Although, I don’t have the paper, I think the authors are not using the full spectrum. They probably used some range in the C-band and in the L-band. This will allow them using C-band and L-band EDFA amplifiers.
      You should be able to check that in the paper.

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