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      Caio Plazas

      I’m currently working on a build of Optisystem 13 at my lab and trying to model a VCSEL from a paper. Everything is working well, however, I’m having issues with how Optisystem does the fitting of my Subtracted IM Response curve. Which kind of fit is used?

      My curve is added and the fit is not able to properly converge to my curve. The problem is that when I try to fit with Origin, it’s perfectly fit using a 9th order polynomial fit, so something in the fitting of Optisystem is not working.

      As written in the Help Files, the Subtracted IM Response Curve Fitted is used as a pre-optimization step to calculate the VCSEL so this is interfering with my model.

      Picture 1 shows my curve. Dark red is the original Subtracted IM Response Curve. Bright red is the Fitted curve.

      Picture 2 shows my frequency response. In black is the original measured in lab frequency response of the VCSEL. In blue is the resulting frequency response from Optisystem. It’s clearly incorrect and I believe it’s because of the incorrect fitting from the software.

      Can anyone from the dev team help me?

      Kind regards.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Caio,
      Please email me your OptiSystem project as a zip file and the fitting data to ahmad.atieh@optiwave.com and I’ll be happy to help you. I need to understand the issue better.


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      Caio Plazas

      Dear Ahmad,

      I’ve sent you an email as asked.

      Kind regards,

      Caio Plazas.

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