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      In this software can I simulate SPP(surface plasmon polariton)? in my design I suppose to connect the electrical, so how I can connect the current or voltage to my wave guide and simulate it? would you please help me or either refer me to any topic of tutorial that can guide me in this case?
      one more question is how reliable can be this software? I mean let’s say I have the simulation based on FDTD then I am going to fabricate.
      can we distinguish our wave-guide as single mode in this software how?

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      Damian Marek

      You can simulate surface plasmons with OptiFDTD no problem and the simulation can be very accurate provided the simulation is set up properly. However, you won’t be able to directly simulate electrical effects like applying a voltage or current. OptiFDTD does not yet support active materials.

      Nano-Gold Particle

      You can try the tutorials at the above link to get started. Using OptiMode you could solve for the modes and determine how many bound modes the waveguide would support.


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      previously I was designing is bpm, now for surface plasmon I have to use optiFDTD, is there any opportunity to transfer my designs from bpm to FDTD? or I have to re design it again, in BPM we had opportunities to use electrodes, can we you use it here as well? please inform me many thanks.

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        Damian Marek

        Unfortunately you will have to design it again and electrodes are only possible in OptiBPM.

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      there is no way to put electrodes for future in this software? because it can be so helpful, 🙁

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