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      I am trying to set up a Lorentz-Drude model of the active layer material (which is an organic semiconductor). I have the complex dielectric constant data in the wavelength range from 300nm to 1600 nm. Following are the doubts which I am currently unable to solve:

      1. Plasma frequency: The frequency value where the real part of dielectric constant becomes zero is not available in the data. If I want to calculate theoretically, shall I consider the contribution of both electrons and holes in Lorentz-Drude model equation?

      2. Relative permittivity at infinity: Is it a good approximation to take a steady state value at 1600nm since the desired operating wavelength range is between 300nm and 700nm?

      3. Oscillator strength: I have no idea about any other resonances happening outside the wavelength range given in the data. If I were to find the oscillator strengths at the resonances, what is the best possible way to obtain the correct values?

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      Scott Newman


      Can you please confirm what version of the product you are using? The current version of the product provides an automated fit for Lorentz-Drude materials.


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