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      Subhashish Tiwari

      Sir / Madam,

      I want to model a particular geometry of photonic crystal fiber and then do it’s simulation. The parameters i want to calculate are- effective refractive index, confinement loss and effective area. Could you please provide some documentation to learn the processing technique in Opti-fdtd. Also, want to tell that the fdtd method employed in Opti-fdtd can be used to simulate negative refractive index material(optical meta-material) also, which is difficult through other methods.

      Thanks very much.

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      Tech Support

      If you have an evaluation or purchased copy of OptiFDTD or OptiBPM, you will see a separate utility called OptiMode. OptiMode Tutorial 5 “Photonic Crystal Fiber” demonstrates how to find modes on a photonic crystal fiber.

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