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      dear comrade,

      i have attached papers in which they have shown refractive index profile for edfa,
      that profile i can design using optifibre but what i need is , in which way could we differentiate like that profile is for edfa , because no doping material avail about erbium ions , so in design aspects what are the settings we could make in optifibre software,

      next paper attached with another post

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Vignes,

      OptiFiber only calculates the modes of an optical fiber, as well as other derived quantities such as modal dispersion, velocity and effective mode area etc. It does not do any gain or gain profile calculations. From my understanding the Er doping does not effect the index of refraction drastically.

      This being the case you can solved for the modes and such in OptiFiber and import your design to OptiSystem. OptiSystem has a Er Doped Multimode fiber that you could use to model the interaction between amplification and modes.

      Let me know if this clears it up.

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