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      dear damian,

      i have designed large area dispersion shifted fibre profile through which i generated lp01, lp11, lp12, lp31, lp02, now i am going to try ,amplify the particular mode using edfa amplifier ,i could upload a dat file format in fibre in optissytem but after that i am not bale to recognize to pick a particular mode , my kind reqeust is, give me one model work layoutwith explanation regarding that how to choose a particular mode after creating a DAT file from optifibre, and amplify it



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      Abdallah Ismail

      use mode selector and write the mode index that you need to select
      To obtain the mode index >>>>>in spatial visualizer right click component properties ,then click Results tab then select the report
      you will find all modes generated
      the first column is the index and use any no. in the index in mode selector to select the required mode.
      But you should generate LP modes at first using CW spatial laser and Parabolic Index MMF.
      Hope this helps you

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      dear abdallah ,

      thank to u, and let u know after proceeding it………

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      Damian Marek

      Abdallah has the right idea! Using the Mode Selector and Spatial Visualizer, this should not be too hard.

      Let us know if you run into anymore trouble.

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