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      Ajay Vyas

      I go through the paper under the tittle of Simulation for Digital Predistortion of OFDM-RoF Based on the Optisystem on link

      In this paper: The integration of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing(OFDM) and radio over fiber(RoF) technology have been widely used in mobile communication network with its high data rate, low cost, low power consumption and wide bandwidth. But its transmission is limited by nonlinearity of devices in RoF system such as laser nonlinearity, fiber dispersion, optical fiber amplifier nonlinearity and optical detector nonlinearity. In this paper, a predistortion system of OFDM based on RoF link is designed, the module of sending, receiving and predistortion of OFDM is established by Matlab software. LUT-based predistortion method is used with least mean square (LMS) algorithm. Simulation platform of fiber optical communication system is built by Optisystem co-simulation with Matlab. Predistortion system block diagram and Optisystem simulation diagram are given. Simulation results show that the nonlinearity of ROF system is compensated effectively.

      I am not getting the appropriate design for it.
      What are the possibility to implement this model & how

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