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      for measuring the S bend arms how we can measure the angle between them? I used the auto cad and however I try to change the S bend sizes but still the angle is limited between 1 till 5, and I just can measure in auto cad, is it any possibility to measure inside the bpm? many thanks. please refer to the pictures.

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      This is the auto cad snapshot and in bpm the offset was 10 I mean from start was 0 then 10 the end, regarding to auto cad measuring the angle is 4 degree but I need let’s say 10 degree, and my channel is 4 micron or less. thanks

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        Damian Marek

        This might not be directly possible in OptiBPM, but what you could do is use the definition of the S bend to calculate the angle using the geometry. In your user reference the equation for the different s-bends are given as a function of position. Calculate the derivative to find the tangent line and then you can use that to find the angle.

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      still I have problem because in autocad also I cannot be sure the angle regarding to definition of s bend I got 1 degree but in autocad is around 2 degree please let me know how to measure the angle between two arms even s bend or two lines with angle, I need to know the precise angle. it is not about just s bend I need to know the angle between two arms of straight wave guide with slope.

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        Damian Marek

        In the s bend it sort of depends how you define the angle. The slope is constantly changing and so is the angle. For a straight line, the angle is simply the arctangent of the slope. It is simple to work out with a right triangle.


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