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      siva rama krishna

      I am designing sample example “GVD Gaussian Pulse propagation”.I got the outputs but How to get Chirp in output graph means frequency on right side vertical scale on output of Optical time domain visualizer. I want two scales on vertical side.

      Thanks in Advance
      Siva Rama Krishna

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Siva,

      To measure the Chirp of a time domain signal, you have to choose which polarization you are interested in. Take a look at the attached figure, I have chosen to investigate the chirp of the x polarization. I simply clicked the Power X tab and made sure Analysis was checked.

      Hope this helps!

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      siva rama krishna

      Thanks for your information.

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      Hi I have design Simulation Of DWDM For RZ, NRZ and Coherent QPSK Modulation for free SPACE OPTICAL COMMUNICATION. In my work I analyze that:
      1.Coherent QPSK Modulation is Best Among RZ AND NRZ for Free Space Optical Communication.
      2. Either Increase in Transmitter Power of Aperture area of the tx and rx will significant improvement in BER.
      3. Compare to PIN diode, APD improves BER as Receiver Sensitivity is improved.
      4. As we increase our aperture diameters Q factor increases,but for a particular aperture diameter Q factor starts decreasing as we increase the link distance and bit rates.

      I am sending you design please find in attachment.

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