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      I want to export my designs to auto cad file, after choosing export to mask we have 2 options one is outcast file(*.dxf) another one is calma (*.gds),can u briefly explain about it. beneath we have options, conversion accuracy, last time I did not change this number from 0.01 and my design had shifting then I used to change it to 0.001 then it was precisely OK, would you please tell me more about this option as well as what is the limit polygonization to less than 200 vertices.

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      Steve Dods

      Most of your questions are answered in the OptiBPM User Reference in Chapter OptiBPM Layout Designer Functions >> Export, page 335-6. The option to limit the export to 200 vertices exists because some versions of Calma GDSII would not accept polygons with more vertices than this. If the curved shape you want to export has more vertices than that, OptiBPM will divide the shape into more than one polygon, each with fewer than 200 vertices.

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