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      Liju Mohan

      Hi there..

      For the past few days i have been encountering an error while trying to open optisystem directly using the project osd file. The file does not open up, but in its stead an error does. The error stated is “the requested operation requires elevation”. I have attached a snipped screen shot of the error along here.

      I do not have any issues starting optisystem directly from the C directory.

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      Damian Marek

      This could be a lack of permission for your windows account opening files from the desktop. Try:

      1) Opening OptiSystem and then opening the file from the software.


      2) When opening the file use “Run as Administrator”

      Let me know if this helps!

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      Liju Mohan


      Opening Optisystem and then opening the file always works, but the issue i mentioned is not something that happens all the time. The error pops up rather unexpectedly at times, and yes it is always set to open with “run as administrator”.

      Sometimes, restarting the laptop would also get rid of that issue.

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