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      i am facing a problem. I had downloaded optisystem only once and if we check there it is written that we can download optisystem three times for one id. Since my trial period of 30 days is over and i tried to download it second time but now there is termination command error when i try to open it. This is the message while we download “Your account has been allocated a maximum of three (3) downloads per product” but i am not able to access it. Please can somebody tell me what do i need to do now.


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      Aabid Baba

      Hello Hamza Ali Abbas Khan,
      As far as your query is concerned , i think we are not able to use any product for more than 30 days of trial period. When i downloaded optisystem 13 initially i had the same confusion but when i downloaded it again and tried to install it i almost got the same type of message. Though i am not sure. In this regard i would like to suggest you to consult the optiwave team. These would surely help you in this regard. I hope your issue gets resolved as earliest as possible. Thanking you

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      Rajguru M. Mohan

      Hi Hamza Ali Abbas Khan,
      As you have already used Optisystem for 30 days and its trial version is over.
      You can’t use optisystem for same computer, so try to use on another computer if you have.
      Yeah, you can download optisystem for three times but it doesn’t mean that you could use optisystem for 3*30= 90 days.
      it is only for the case in which your download fails, you could download the files upto three times.

      Hope you could understand.
      Seeking your response

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      Hi Aabid baba
      Thank you very much. I was not aware about that i thought we can download and use the tool for consecutive 30 days on same PC and from same email id. I have another question can we download the software on another id and install it on the same PC. I am still confused about the download thing and the evaluation thing. Please can you confirm it. I will be very thankful to you.


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      Hi Rajguru Mohan
      Thank you to you too. I think your reply is very very helpful. So what do i do now. My 30 days of evaluation are over and it again shows me the same message. Please help me in this case.


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        Duy Le Nguyen

        Hi Hamza!
        You can’t extend your license by download the software on another ID and install on same computer. You must lease it by year.

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          Aabid Baba

          Hello Duy Le Nguyen,
          I completely agree with you on that. It is better for him to purchase it for one user. That would certainly help him.

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      Karan Ahuja

      Hi Hamza Ali abbas.

      i had same confusion over it. Thank you aabid thank you rajguru for the clarification.

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