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      Ramin Hashemi

      Dear All,
      As you may already know, Optisystem has many examples for 100 Gbps systems, I am curious to know if it is possible to simulate a 400G or 1T system in Optisystem. If yes please kindly help me with the steps to do that.
      Thanks alot,

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      Hi Ramin,
      there is no constraints in the bit rate used so you can use one of the examples that is similar to your and change the nit rate to 400G then check the results if it is similar to what you expect or you need to adapt the medium of transmission to have acceptable BER, SER, ..etc.
      Or you may start with B2B system without transmission medium, then add optical fiber.

      Hope that helps,
      let us know if you have any other concern,
      Mohamed Abouseif

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      Dear Hashemi
      You can simulate a 400G or 1T system in Optisystem. For example, you can use multiplexing techniques like WDM or use different modulation schemes to achieve such high bit rates.

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      Leopoldo Coque

      hello can you help me how to make a link at 400 Gbps with PAM 4 modulation

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