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Sir I am getting this values from WDM analyzer at a particular wavelength in EDFA

Wavelength (1492 nm) Gain (15.4596 dB) Noise Figure (5.6398562 dB) Input Signal (-50.002673 dBm) Input Signal (9.99E-09 W) Input Noise (-100 dBm) Input Noise (0 W) Input SNR (49.997327 dB) Input Noise 0.1nm(-100 dBm) Input Noise 0.1nm(0 W) Input OSNR (49.997327 dB) Output Signal (-34.543073 dBm) Output Signal (3.51E-07 W) Output Noise (-36.722209 dBm) Output Noise (2.13E-07 W) Output SNR (2.1791354 dB) Output Noise 0.1nm(-36.722209 dBm) Output Noise 0.1nm(2.13E-07 W) Output OSNR (2.1791354 dB)

So, according to the values NF should be OSNR(input)-OSNR(output)= 49.997327 dB – 2.1791354 dB = 47.8182 dB. But noise figure shown by WDM analyzer is 5.63 dB.
I want to know which formula is used here to calculate the noise figure..