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Scott Newman

Hello Aseefhali,

There are few items to discuss with your design and setup but first we need to address angle definitions.

First and foremost is your definition of angle. You should never need to set an angle outside -90 and 90 in 2D but you are stating you need 275. I am going to assume you are defining your angle differently than us. 2D – the angle is the angle from the normal to the direction of desired propagation in an anti-clockwise direction. 275 is going to give you backwards propagation. For 3D there are two angles, if you refer to the release notes you will see the diagram. Theta is the rotation about the normal while phi is the angle away from the normal. You have theta set to 0 and phi to 45 which does not correspond to what you are asking for.

Before we proceed I need you to clarify exactly the angle you require.