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Scott Newman

Hello Soibam,

I do not see anything necessarily incorrect with you layout or configuration. However, I do not have access to that particular journal to obtain the paper in question. Are you able to provide details regarding the expected results you are unable to match?

One thing you can look at is that you have the PWEM set to TE polarization are you certain that is the polarization you are looking for? Different references have different standards for TE/TM. For example when comparing our polarizations (which are in line with Okamoto’s reference) to those of “Molding the Flow of Light” you will find that what we call TE is the same as their TM.

A second thing you should take note of is that the vertical axis has different normalizations depending on the reference. Some use w/2pic which is um^-2 in our units, some use wa/2pic which is unitless, and others will simply show it it as wavelength or frequency.