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Scott Newman

The command you are looking for is in the VBScript manual and it is GetTimeSeries( String fieldcomponent ) so to export the Ex field for “InsideMaterial” as “InsideMaterial_Ex_#.f2d” where the # is the iteration number then you would need to place the following in your for loop after the ParamMgr.Simulate call

Set inside_data = InsideMaterial.GetTimeSeries ( “Ex” )
inside_data.WriteF2D (“InsideMaterial_Ex_” & x & “.f2d”

You would need to repeat that line for each observation point / field component combination you need.

Please note it is advised to put a wait command after the simulate before any processing or restarting the loop. So right after the ParamMgr.Simulate you should have a WGMgr.Sleep( 50 ).