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I have followed up through email through our support email account. I am also including the list of a couple of resources here for others who may have a similar question.

1. Silicon nanowire for photovoltaics – <a href=”https://optiwave.com/applications/fdtd-silicon-nanowire-for-photovoltaic-applications/”>https://optiwave.com/applications/fdtd-silicon-nanowire-for-photovoltaic-applications/</a&gt;
2. Nano and Micro lenses, while the specific example is for SMF28 simulations it does give an idea of lensing capabilities – <a href=”https://optiwave.com/applications/fdtd-nano-lens-and-micro-lens-simulations/”>https://optiwave.com/applications/fdtd-nano-lens-and-micro-lens-simulations/</a&gt;
3. A paper from one of our customers using OptiFDTD to design a colour filter for an OLED – <a href=”https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0141938211000552?casa_token=vWv_hMdEkowAAAAA:C0uI4D8foiYkAWMdyzRpEhkHLpBDnJaQ9nUsVHn39byLJZ_HWpwaklrEnKR7RdCA3gpLeenmpAI”>https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0141938211000552?casa_token=vWv_hMdEkowAAAAA:C0uI4D8foiYkAWMdyzRpEhkHLpBDnJaQ9nUsVHn39byLJZ_HWpwaklrEnKR7RdCA3gpLeenmpAI</a&gt;
4. If plasmonics are of interest to your design we have a number of webinars and applications regarding this field.

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