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Scott Newman


  1. You specify you are looking at waveguides and refer to core diameter so I will assume you are discussing fibers. In this case you need to setup a fiber profile. You will want to create your layers in the 3D profile definition. There is a WG_Fiber_Example already there with a Core of 2.0 um radius.
  2. OptiFDTD does not currently support graded-index profiles so I will assume you are referring to OptiBPM. In OptiBPM the graded-index profiles are diffuse waveguides and these are a different type of profile so are differentiated. We currently support Ti:LiNb03 and Mg:LiNb03, create one of these profiles and set the appropriate parameters.
  3. Under the “Simulation” entry in the menu bar you will see “Additional Output Data” here you can configure to monitor the Power in the Output Waveguides. Additionally in the toolbar you will see an option for “Monitor Paths”, the icon looks like a pen drawing a red line. You can setup your path to be your waveguides and montior power along them.