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Anes Belkacem

Another issue please, when I use 80 Km SMF and 16 Km DCF using Loop span using sequence length of 4096 bits. I want to give BER of 6, 8

10, 12 spans for CW Laser -4 dBm, -2 dBm and 0 dBm but the problem is: for example until 8 spans I have BER=0, at 10 spans directly

I have BER around 10 minus 6 and for 12 spans I have BER=0.00012343. My target is to have BERs of 10 minus 20, 10 minus 12, 10 minus 9

to 10 minus 3 for example. How I can do this? I want to draw BER vs number of this values of BERs.

Please help me.

I waiting your responses.