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Ahmad Atieh

Dear Muhammad,
There is cross-polarization interaction in the same signal as well as between two different signals. The theory is well described in “Nonlinear Fiber Optics” by Agrawal, 4th ed. It is implemented in OptiSystem using “Vector” option for the “Model type” in the “Numerical” tab. You may check for more information on it using the datasheet of “Optical Fiber” component.
I’ve the following refence on using this feature in signal demultiplexing.
[*] A.K. Atieh, P. Myslinski, J. Chrostowski, and P. Galko, “Polarization-insensitive all-optical demultiplexing system”, Proceedings of the 1996 Canadian Conference On Electrical And Computer Engineering, Calgary, 222-224, 1996.