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Noha Anous

Dear Damian, thanks a lot for your time, I’ll try this.

But actually I also have another problem,
in the attached file, I’m trying to find the effective index of the symmetric and antisymm. modes at different wavelengths, but I face the following:
1- At 0.2 um, and 0.3 um strange modes appear, at 0.4 um, 4 modes appear, then as we increase wavelength, they disappear again.
2- symmetric mode ONLY exists starting 0.4 um, disappears at 0.67 um,
3- at 0.67, 0.68, 0.69 um no modes at all exist ….
4- starting 0.7 um the antisymmetric mode starts to appear till 1.3 um
5- Beyond 1.3 um, no more modes exist…

Also, when I change the W.G. width to 2 um, I almost get no modes at most wavelengths …

I don’t know if I can trust these results, are they right or wrong … they seem strange.

I used the silver Lorentz-drude model of:
Rakic et al., Optical properties of metallic films for vertical-cavity optoelectronic devices, Applied Optics (1998)

Thanks in advance