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Damian Marek


I made a few more changes. To calculate the bandwidth, I mean looking at the range of your channels ~1550nm-1570nm and converting it to THz. You can use:

df = (c/(WL)^2)*dWL

WL is the center wavelength and dWL is the bandwidth in length units. c is the speed of light and df is the bandwidth in Hz.

I didn’t change the PIN settings, but I modified the Bessel filter to have a larger bandwidth. Finally in the Global Properties check the box for Convert Noise Bins in the Noise tabs. This will convert the White Light source from a noise bin signal to a sampled signal. I also increased the power dramatically for the White Light source.

The main problem with this simulation will be the computation time (if you include SPM in the fiber). The very large bandwidth (and sample rate) makes the SPM calculation very long, but it should be possible.