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Damian Marek


1)There is a pretty good explanation of setting up the Gaussian Pulse at the following link:

Gaussian Pulse Description [FDTD]

Let me know if there are details you don’t understand.

2) Since the plots are based in the frequency domain and each plot is a single frequency, the fields are represented by phasors which are complex quantities. This link gives a brief description of what that means:


The electric field is represented by the three different components (Ex, Ey, Ez) and the magnetic field is represented by (Hx, Hy, Hz). Finally, Sy is the calculated Poynting vector (directional energy flux density) in the y direction (normal to your observation area). The values Sy-x and Sy-z are the contributions of the Ex(Hz) and Ez(Hx) fields to the total Poynting vector.

Hope this clears things up!