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Abdallah Ismail

Thanks Damian,
The project is attached.
I need to convert any LP mode to the fundamental mode and The reverse.
Do you mean that the mode combiner take different mode have the same information and converting it to single mode.

I attached two files,One for the project where I’m trying to carry two QPSK systems over two modes and demultiplexing it.
But i noted that the QPSK system is not working well,Because it give me only two cases BER=0 or BER is very large or equal to 1.
So i tried to build QPSK system which attached and the same problem is exist.Also the same problem with the file that i downloaded from Optiwave downloads “NRZ-QPSK” when i add optical fiber instead of back to back.
The eye diagram is not normal,I think that the eye diagram should appear like women hair.
Wait your response .
Best regards,