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Damian Marek

Hi Abdallah,

You can look at the modal information (polarization, mode type) by going into the Component Properties of the Spatial Visualizer (right-click, then choose Component Properties). Then look under the Results tab and click on the small icon by the Report parameter. I have attached a snap shot of what it looks like. For your design they are Laguerre-Gaussian modes.

I’m not running into the same problem as you for observing the modes. If you change the mode number in the Spatial Visualizer you should be able to see the four different modes that you combined with the Power Combiner. The only problem I saw was was that your Spatial Visualizers and Mode Selectors were not centered at the correct frequency and no modes were showing. The lasers are centered at 850 nm, so I went into the visualizer and selector parameters and switched the center frequency.

This should fix your layout!