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You are great! Thanks a million!
There is no problem about the 2D simulation.But I still confuse about the 3D simulation.

1.I’m not sure the “X-Z slice” graph displays the refractive index distribution in X-Z planar at which y position.(picture 0)

2.Does it display at y=0? If it does,then how can I view the distributions in the x-z planar when y=-1,1,or some other values?

3.I find I can set the Additional Output Data and specify some y cut positions.But I feel it is too troublesome since I just want to view the distribution instead of outputting it.Is there an easier way to achieve that?

4.Could you please tell me the difference of refractive index between in XZ slice and in Y cut graphs(picture 0 and picture 01,02)?The picture 01 and 02 display what I think is right while the picture 0 I think is strange.

I hope my poor English doesn’t bother you. Thanks again for your attention.