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Damian Marek

Hi Sushank,

I believe this error is because Matlab cannot find the .m file. The simulation is working for me (with both files on the Desktop). If both files are in the same folder than maybe the file name is wrong?

You will also want to explicitly include the search path that your files are in, especially if they are not included in the default Matlab search path folders. For example, if my .m file was in “My Downloads” folder, which is not included in the Matlab search path, I would write “C:\Users\dmarek\Downloads” into the Matlab search path parameter box of the Matlab component. I have attached a picture to make it clear.

This should make it work! As an aside don’t forget to change the save() command (line 43) in the .m file to correspond to your desired file name and directory.

Let me know if there are any more problems!