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VFEM Accuracy and Advantages

As optical systems move towards an integrated platform, the modelling of high refractive index contrast, sub-wavelength dimension…

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BPM - Figure 1 This is Fig.2 of Reference 1, drawn upside down. This waveguide is a ‘Substrate-Removed’ design, so the cladding is BCB, a polymer used to glue the waveguide to another substrate, not shown. This mounting exposes the AlGaAs cladding layer to air, and the Backside electrode is evaporated there. All lengths are in microns.

Electro-Optic Modulator

  This lesson shows how to make a 3D simulation in a material modified by the linear electro-optic effect (Pockels Effect). The waveguide design of Reference [1] is shown in Figure 1 below. In this lesson, this waveguide is created, a …

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Symmetric Lossless X Coupler

The X Coupler is a basic component used in many kinds of optical circuits. Here its properties are analysed by theoretical means, and also by detailed simulation of…


Power Combiner

Optical power in two or more waveguides can be combined onto a single waveguide…


Plasmon Polaritons – Vector Finite Element Method

The large negative electric permittivities of noble metals permit the design of sub-wavelength optical guiding structures…

VFEM Hollow Core Fiber

Hollow Core Fiber – Vector Finite Element Method

Hollow core fibers guide light by using a photonic bandgap structure in place of a traditional low index cladding material…

BPM - Figure 1 Input Plane Properties dialog box

Create an MMI star coupler

Now that you have completed Lessons 1, 2, and 3, you are familiar with the basic procedures to create projects using OptiBPM:  Creating materials Inserting waveguides and input planes Editing waveguide and input plane properties Running a simulation Viewing results …

BPM - Figure 1 Two-layer spot-size transformer

Create a Chip-to-fiber Butt Coupler

This lesson describes how to create a chip-to-fiber coupler. You will create a model of a simple spot-size transformer based on lateral tapering, as reported in [1]. Highly efficient chip-to-fiber coupling with large alignment tolerances is important for applications of optoelectronic …

BPM - Figure 28 Graphs

Integrated Optical Circuit Simulation Using OptiBPM and OptiSystem – Scattering Data Export

Scattering data is a new simulation feature in OptiBPM. OptiBPM uses scattering data when a small part of a larger photonic circuit is isolated for characterization using BPM. This smaller part has waveguides entering on the left side and exiting …

BPM - Figure 1 Ti:LiNb03 Pro1 Profile

Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Switch

This lesson outlines the design process of an electro-optic 2×2 switch based on integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer. An electro-optic switch is a device used in integrated fibre optics. The device is based on Mach-Zehnder interferometer made by Titanium diffusion in Lithium Niobate …

Opti BPM Header LG

OptiBPM Overview


OptiBPM is a comprehensive CAD environment used for the design of complex optical waveguides. Perform guiding, coupling, switching, splitting, multiplexing, and demultiplexing of optical signals in photonic devices.

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OptiBPM Manuals

Photonics North 2017

June 7-8

Optics and photonics technologies are strategic to the overall growth of many industry sectors in Canada; the pervasive nature of these enabling technologies results in…

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