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      Subhashish Tiwari


      I have two questions related to photonic crystal fiber (pcf). Please answer.

      1. I want to model a particular structure of pcf, can it be done through Opti-FDTD.

      2. Want to calculate that modelled structure’s effective refractive index values at different wavelengths. Is it possible.

      Kindly provide some document of the process if feasible.

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      Tech Support

      1) Yes, almost any type of geometry can be modeled with OptiFDTD. You can use the PBG crystal editor to help you create hexagonal, square or arbitrary lattices. For more information on this tool, have a look at the following webpage: https://optiwave.com/optifdtd-manuals/fdtd-photonic-crystal-and-photonic-band-gap-introduction/

      2) The effective refractive index can be calculated using the mode solver included with OptiFDTD: OptiMode. It can be used directly from OptiFDTD’s interface or as a standalone product.

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      Subhashish Tiwari

      Sir, thanks for the information as i logged in and see it now (was unaware of the reply). Can the webpage link matter, you have provided above could be available in documentation form also. Also since i am from India, is there any workshop being conducted related to photonic crystals simulation or any technical people available here to learn easy.

      Thank you

Viewing 2 reply threads
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