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Dear Mr Marek
I have been trying to simulate a CO-OFDM system using Optisystem v12.2 and the example “Coherent Detection Optical OFDM System.osd”. As I increase the number of loops, the simulation time becomes very long. For example, if I run the simulation with 2 loops, the simulation is done rather quickly. But now that I have simulated the system with 5 loops (whose .osd file is attached), it has taken more than four hours (so far) just to finish calculations for the second loop. I would like to know if this is due to some kind of software bug and if there occurs the same problem if newer versions are used. I need the software to work on long-haul CO-OFDM systems (eg. 6000km-long) and with such a problem, I will not be able to get by. Really appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance.