Version 3 of OptiSPICE now supports the ability to interact with OptiSystem 11 though a new “Configure Co-simulation” capability which includes integrated OptiSystem optical and electrical input devices and the ability to automatically build an associated OptiSPICE NetList for file association with OptiSystem’s OptiSPICE NetList component. Also introduced in Version 3 are new optical components including a user-defined optical filter and an LED source.

OptiSystem Co-Simulation Library

NEW FEATURE Electrical Input component (Isource):

Models a current signal input from an OptiSystem component.

NEW FEATURE Electrical Voltage input component (Vsource):

Models a voltage signal input from an OptiSystem component.

NEW FEATURE Optical Input component (Optical Input):

Models a optical input from an OptiSystem component.

Laser driver simulation

Optical Library

NEW FEATURE Optical filter:

Updated to allow for the definition of Bessel or Butterworth filter types (including bandwidth, insertion loss, and filter order).

Optical filter

NEW FEATURE Optical filter – measured:

Allows for measured filters data to be expressed as a Touchstone file or by file formats supported in OptiSystem (Power-Phase and Real-Imaginary).

NEW FEATURE Optical gain:

Can now characterize noise figure.

Optical gain

Optical-Electronic Library


This new component allows for the characterization of an LED device, including frequency, bandwidth, and semiconductor diode model parameters.

LED source

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