AVFOP 2016

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AVFOP 2016

Hilton Long Beach
1-3 Nov 2016




The aerospace & vetronics industries have made great strides in recent years deploying fiber optics and photonics technology on commercial and military platforms. This trend will continue to grow as avionics & vetronics fiber optic system architectures, networking schemes, and components evolve and mature.

This application-oriented conference will provide an international forum for leaders, researchers, engineers, and manufacturers to convene and discuss issues of deploying photonics-based avionics and vetronics technologies specifically in harsh environments.



Topics Include Photonics-Based Avionics / Vetronics Technologies such as:

– Optical Components & Modules
– Active / Passive
– Analog / Digital / WDM
– Discrete / Integrated
– Cable Assemblies (Fibers / Cables / Connectors / Termini / Splices)
– Packaging
– Optical Sensors
– Optical Links and Networks
– Analog (ULF to EHF)
– Digital
– Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM)
– Fiber-Based / Free-Space
– Modeling & Simulation
– Manufacturing / Packaging
– Qualification
– Health Monitoring / Built-In Test
– Supportability and Maintainability
– Standards
– Fiber Optic Deployment



Available software demonstrations:


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