“Zoom X”, “Zoom XY” and “Zoom Off” are convenient tools for expanding a portion of
the graph.

“Zoom X” expands the view only in horizontal direction, “Zoom XY” – in both.

Do the following steps:

1Select, for example, the “Material Loss” tab in the Views window.
2Select “Zoom XY” from the “Graph Tools” floating menu or the “Graph Tools” toolbar.
3Now, with the left mouse button, click-and-drag a region to be expanded to a full graph. Before releasing the left mouse button, the View tab should look like this:

Optical Fiber - Graph Tools

4Release the left mouse button. The selected part is expanded to the full tab. The “View” tab should now look something like this:

Optical Fiber - View

5Select “Zoom Off “ to restore the default view scale.