When the simulation ends, a message appears and prompts you to open OptiFDTD_Analyzer (see Figure 23).

FDTD - Figure 23 Message box

Figure 23: Message box

Step Action
1 To open OptiFDTD_Analyzer and view the simulated results, click Yes.

NoteWhen the simulation ends, the results are saved automatically as a file with same name but a different file extension (*.fda).

2 Select Tools Observation Area Analysis.

The Observation Area Analysis dialog box appears.

3 On the Observation Point tab, type/select the following:

Observation Point1

Frequency DFT

Min. λ /0.9μm

Max. λ /2.8μm

Sample Point: 1000

4 Click Update Graph to view updated results.

The spectral response in Observation Point1 are displayed, and the four wave mixing effect can be seen in the curve (see Figure 24).

FDTD - Figure 24 OptiFDTD_Analyzer—Observation point results analysis

Figure 24: OptiFDTD_Analyzer—Observation point results analysis