OptiFDTD provides a refractive index viewer to observe the refractive index
distribution on any plane in three orientations. To observe the refractive index
distribution, perform the following procedure.

Observing the Refractive Index Distribution

Step Action
1 Click the 3D Ref. Index tab at the bottom of the layout window.

The 3D Refractive Index window opens.

FDTD - Figure 28 3D Refractive Index tab

Figure 28: 3D Refractive Index tab

2 To view the graphic in height plot format, from the View menu, select 3D Graph Items > Height Plot.
3 To view the x-y plane refractive index distribution, under Orientation, select X-Y Plane.

FDTD - Figure 29 Orientation—X-Y Plane

Figure 29: Orientation—X-Y Plane

4 Move the Slicer slider to the desired position.

FDTD - Figure 30 Slicer

Figure 30: Slicer

5 To set more graphic view options, right-click anywhere in the graph.

FDTD - Figure 31 Graph Item view options menu

Figure 31: Graph Item view options menu