Before installing OptiFDTD, ensure the system requirements described below are
available. Updated on May 27, 2022.

Hardware and Operation System requirements

OptiFDTD requires the following minimum system configuration:

  • Windows 10™ or 11™ 64-bit
  • Intel or AMD64 multi-core x64 CPU
  • 1 GB Diskspace
  • 8 GB RAM

OptiFDTD recommends the following system configuration:

  • Windows 10™ or 11™ 64-bit
  • Intel® Core™ i7 (or higher) Processor
  • 32Gb-64Gb RAM

Protection key

A hardware protection key is supplied with the software. To ensure that OptiFDTD
operates properly, verify the following:

  •  The protection key is properly connected to the USB port of the computer.
  •  If you use more than one protection key, ensure that there is no conflict between the OptiFDTD protection key and the other keys.

Note: Use a switch box to prevent protection key conflicts. Ensure that the cable between the switch box and the computer is a maximum of one meter long.

OptiFDTD directory

By default, the OptiFDTD installer creates an OptiFDTD directory on your hard disk.
The OptiFDTD directory contains the following subdirectories:

  •  \BIN – contains executable files, dynamic linked libraries, and help files
  •  \SAMPLES – contains OptiFDTD examples
  •  \TMP – temporary directory used by OptiFDTD during operation
  •  \DOC – OptiFDTD support documentation


  • OptiFDTD can be installed on Windows 10™ or 11™ 64-bit
  • Linux 64-bit for 3D simulations, Linux enabled versions only (see the Release Notes for more information).
  • We recommend that you exit all Windows programs before running the setup program.

Installing OptiFDTD on Windows operating systems

To install OptiFDTD on Windows operating systems, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 Log on as the Administrator, or log onto an account with Administrator
2 Insert the OptiFDTD installation CD into your CD ROM drive.
3 On the Taskbar, click Start and select Run.
The Run dialog box appears.
4 In the Run dialog box, type F:\setup.exe, where F is your CD ROM drive.
5 Click OK and follow the screen instructions and prompts.
6 When the installation is complete, remove the CD from the CD ROM driveand reboot your computer.