In the previous tutorials we were interested in finding band gaps of 1D, 2D and 3D photonic crystal structures. No modes are allowed with frequencies inside the gap. By perturbing a lattice at a single site we may permit an existence of a localized point- defect mode or set of such modes that have frequencies within the gap. We will show how to detect and view such defects in 2D photonic crystals in this tutorial.


•     In this lesson, it is presumed that you already read the PWE Tutorials 1 to 3.

•     For the details on how a lattice can be created, please refer to Lesson 3— Photonic crystal and photonic band gap simulation and Lesson 9—FDTD Band Solver.

•     For the details on how material and waveguide profile can be created, please refer to Lesson 1 through to Lesson 9.

•     To define the variable, please input the variable name in the Initial Properties dialog box.  Click OK to access the Variables and Function dialog box to define the values.