To view the refractive index distribution, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 In the Layout Designer, click the Ref. Index (n) – 3D XY Plane View tab (see Figure 5).

Note: To view the color palette, select View > 3D Graph Items > Palette.

BPM - Figure 5 Refractive index distribution

Figure 5: Refractive index distribution

2 Click the Plane View buttons (see Plane View buttons on 3D Graph toolbar in Figure 6) to see the 2D Refractive Index distributions in X and Y directions (see Figure 7 and Figure 8).
3 Right-click on the graph view and select “Show Slice Selector”.

BPM - Figure 6 Plane View buttons on 3D Graph toolbar

Figure 6: Plane View buttons on 3D Graph toolbar

BPM - Figure 7 Refractive Index—2D X-direction

Figure 7: Refractive Index—2D X-direction

BPM - Figure 8 Refractive Index—2D Y-direction

Figure 8: Refractive Index—2D Y-direction