To run the simulation, perform the following procedure:

1From the Simulation menu, select Calculate 3D Isotropic Calculation.

The Simulation Parameters dialog box appears.

2Click the 3D Isotropic tab and ensure that the following settings are selected (see Figure 7):

Polarization: None(Scalar)

Number of points: 151 x 151

View cut:

X Mesh Pt: 76 (x-position ~ 0.0)

Y Mesh Pt: 88 (y-position ~ -3.0)

Propagation Step: 1.5

3Start the simulation.

The results appear in the layout. See Figure 8 and Figure 9 for result


BPM - Figure 8 Simulation results — 2D

Figure 8: Simulation results — 2D

BPM - Figure 9 Simulation results — 3D

Figure 9: Simulation results — 3D