This lesson describes how to define user-defined diffused profiles.

In some instances, the predefined diffused profiles available in OptiBPM may not satisfy your requirements. For example, you may want to introduce additional parameters into the equation for a refractive index, or introduce additional dependencies into existing parameters. This lesson details how to create a user- defined diffused waveguide that uses the expressions for the extraordinary refractive index distribution described in Diffusion in Lithium Niobate, Equation 1 to Equation 7, in the Technical Background. In addition, the diffusion length parameter will be made dependent on the z-position.

The procedures are:

•     Defining the materials

•     Creating the reference profile

•     Defining the layout settings

•     Defining variables

•     Defining functions

•     Defining the user defined profile

•     Checking the user defined profile against the reference profile

Before you start this lesson

•     Familiarize yourself with the procedures in Lesson 1: Getting Started.

•     Familiarize yourself with the procedures in Lesson 4: Create an MMI star coupler.

•     Familiarize yourself with the procedures in Lesson 7: Applying predefined diffusion processes.