To insert and edit the input plane, perform the following procedure.

1From the Draw menu, select Input Plane.
2To insert the input plane, click at the left side of the layout window.

The input plane appears.

3To edit the input plane, from the Edit menu, select Properties.

The Input Plane properties dialog box appears (see Figure 20.)

4To position the input plane more accurately, click the Global Data tab and type the following settings:

a.   Starting Field: Mode

b.   Z Position: 10.00000

5Click the Input Fields 2D tab and click Edit.

The Input Field dialog box appears (see Figure 21).

BPM - Figure 20 Input Plane dialog box

Figure 20: Input Plane dialog box

BPM - Figure 21 Input Field dialog box

Figure 21: Input Field dialog box

6Select the second waveguide (at position 7.5) and click Add.

The selected waveguide appears in the Fields window and displays the

amplitude and phase (see Figure 22).

BPM - Figure 22 Waveguide in the Field window

Figure 22: Waveguide in the Field window

7To apply the selected waveguide and return to the Input Field dialog box,

click OK.

8To return to the layout, click OK.