In order to define the profile, perform the following procedures.

Creating the material

Step Action
1 From the File menu, select New.The Initial Properties dialog box appears.
2 Click Profiles and Materials.The Profile Designer opens.
3 In the Materials folder, right-click the Dielectric folder and select New.The Dielectric dialog box appears.
4 Create the following dielectric material:Name: cladding

2D Isotropic tab

Refractive index (Re): 1.444

3D Isotropic tab

Refractive index (Re): 1.444

5 Click Store.The new dielectric material is stored in the Materials folder.

Defining user variables

To define the user variables identified within Table 12 and in Equation 1 and Equation 2, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 In the Profile Designer, select Tools > Edit Variables and Functions.

The Variables and Functions dialog box appears.

2 On the User Variable tab, type the following:Name: n_core

Expression: 1.48

3 Click Verify to make sure expression is accurate.

The variable appears in the Value field (see Figure 2).

4 Click Add/Apply.

The variable appears under the User Variables tab in the table below (see Figure 2).

After defining all the variables, the User Variables table appears as in Figure 2.

BPM - Figure 2 Defined User Variables

Figure 2: Defined User Variables