To define the layout settings, perform the following procedure.

1Type the following settings.

a.   Waveguide Properties:

Width: 6

Profile: Ti:LiNb03_1

b.   Wafer Dimensions:

Length: 60

Width: 20

c.   2D Wafer Properties:

Material: LN1

d.   3D Wafer Properties


Material: Cladding

Thickness: 2


Material: LN1

Thickness: 10

2To apply the settings to the layout, click OK.

Designing the waveguide

To design the waveguide, perform the following procedure.

1Draw a linear waveguide in the layout.
2To insert the input plane, from the Draw menu, select Input Plane and click at the left side of the layout window.

The input plane appears.

3To set up the excitation field properties, edit the input plane properties by selecting Edit > Properties.

The Input Plane properties dialog box appears.

4Select the Gaussian.
5Click the Input Fields 3D tab.
6Click Edit.

The Input Fields dialog box appears (see Figure 4).

BPM - Figure 4 Input Field dialog box

Figure 4: Input Field dialog box

Since the waveguide is formed by a Ti diffusion, it will be lying just below the top of the substrate. We will therefore set the centre of the beam 3 microns below the surface.
7Click on User
8Edit the Field Properties (see Figure 5).

BPM - Figure 5 Field Properties dialog box

Figure 5: Field Properties dialog box

9Close the Input Field and Input Plan dialog boxes to return to the Layout Designer.