To define the layout settings, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 In the Initial Properties dialog box, click the Waveguide Properties tab.
2 Type the following value: Width (um): 4.0
3 In the Profile list, click ChannelPro1 (see Figure 4).

BPM - Figure 4 Waveguide Properties tab

Figure 4: Waveguide Properties tab

4 Click the Wafer Dimensions tab.
5 Type the following values (see Figure 5):

Length: 50

Width: 20

BPM - Figure 5 Wafer Dimensions tab

Figure 5: Wafer Dimensions tab

6 Click the 2D Wafer Properties tab.
7 In the Material list, click Clad (see Figure 6).

BPM - Figure 6 2D Wafer Properties

Figure 6: 2D Wafer Properties

8 To apply the settings to the layout, click OK.

The layout window appears.9From the Preferences menu, select Layout Options.

The Layout Properties dialog box appears (see Figure 7).

BPM - Figure 7 Layout Properties dialog box

Figure 7: Layout Properties dialog box

10 Under Display Ratio, type the following value: Z = 1
11 Under Grid, select the Snap to Grid check box.
12 To apply the settings and return to the main layout, click OK.