To define the layout settings, perform the following procedure.

1In the Initial Properties dialog box, click the Waveguide Properties tab.
2Type the following value: Width (um): 4.0
3In the Profile list, click ChannelPro1 (see Figure 4).

BPM - Figure 4 Waveguide Properties tab

Figure 4: Waveguide Properties tab

4Click the Wafer Dimensions tab.
5Type the following values (see Figure 5):

Length: 50

Width: 20

BPM - Figure 5 Wafer Dimensions tab

Figure 5: Wafer Dimensions tab

6Click the 2D Wafer Properties tab.
7In the Material list, click Clad (see Figure 6).

BPM - Figure 6 2D Wafer Properties

Figure 6: 2D Wafer Properties

8To apply the settings to the layout, click OK.

The layout window appears.9From the Preferences menu, select Layout Options.

The Layout Properties dialog box appears (see Figure 7).

BPM - Figure 7 Layout Properties dialog box

Figure 7: Layout Properties dialog box

10Under Display Ratio, type the following value: Z = 1
11Under Grid, select the Snap to Grid check box.
12To apply the settings and return to the main layout, click OK.