To create the linear waveguide, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 In the layout, draw a linear waveguide.
2 To open the properties dialog box for the waveguide, double-click on the waveguide.

The Linear Waveguide Properties dialog box appears.

3 In the Linear Waveguide Properties dialog box, type/enter the following (see Figure 7):

a.   Start offset: Horizontal: 0

Vertical: 0

b.   End offset:

Horizontal: 200

Vertical: 0

c.   Width: 2

Note: The length of the waveguide does not have any affect on the mode solver.

4 Click OK.

The waveguide is drawn in the layout according to the properties entered.

BPM -Figure 7 Linear Waveguide Properties dialog box

Figure 7: Linear Waveguide Properties dialog box

5 In the Layout Designer, select Draw > Input Plane.

The cursor becomes a crosshatch.

6 Click in the waveguide to create the input plane.

The input plane is inserted into the waveguide layout (see Figure 8).

BPM - Figure 8 Drawing the linear waveguide

Figure 8: Drawing the linear waveguide

7 To save the project, select File > Save As.

The SaveAs dialog box appears.

8 Type the name of the project (Lesson17Aniso.bpd) and click Save.