Step Action
1 Open the Global Data: ADI Method dialog box and select the Advanced tab (see Figure 18).

BPM - Figure 18 Advanced settings for the Anisotropic 3D Mode solver

Figure 18: Advanced settings for the Anisotropic 3D Mode solver

2 In the Engine window, select H Formulation (Magnetic).
3 To start calculating the modes, click Run.

The OptiBPM_M3Dsim window appears.

In addition to the mode Hx11 , we can view the transversal magnet field components and mode indexes for the modes Hy11  and Hy21 .

After running the simulation, you can open the Analyzer and check the power in output waveguides, field components, power overlap integral, notes, and simulation parameters.

As expected, the mode indexes computed using H Formulation (Magnetic) are equal to the ones computed by using the E Formulation (Electric).

The results are comparable to those obtained by Ohtaka, using a variational method and cylindrical harmonic function expansions. His results have been used frequently as a standard for comparison. See [1] for more detail.